15 Wildlife Sanctuaries And National Parks In Odisha

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Last Updated: 09th Jan, 2020
Wildlife Sanctuaries And National Parks In Odisha

Covering a larger stretch of dense forest cover, harbouring a diverse biodiversity is what gives ODISHA a remarkable identity and distinguishes it from the other states. The tremendous wealth of flora and fauna found in ODISHA put other states behind. From conventional to offbeat rather euphoric national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are an urge for every wildlife and nature lovers.

Apart from exploring the pristine temples and evening strolls along the sparkling sea beaches one can even relish the natural heritage located in every nook and cranny of ODISHA. Starting from the royal Bengal tigers to the vulnerable olive ridley turtles, from discrete varieties o migratory birds to the muggers, from Asian elephants to spotted deer, lining up from wild buffaloes to leopards, from antelopes to native jumbos, following from several endangered reptiles to sambars, nilgais, and gaur, from the real fluffy furry bears to diverse natural heritage whose population is diminishing due to overexploitation are inhabitants of this abode of self-originated natural beauty. The flora ranges from orchids to Sal trees that give a fresh enchanting welcome to the tourists.

Let's acquaint ourselves with the diverse fauna of the state.


Getting its recognition internationally as well, the national park is situated in the Mayurbhanj district of ODISHA. Surrounded by the highest peaks covered with lush green forest Vegetation Rivers and waterfalls meandering by add beauty to this place. A perfect destination for spending together with one’s family. A safari ride to get glued at and capture the most depleting species the royal Bengal tigers, the Asian elephants, leopards, barking deer, jungle cat, red jungle fowl, hill myna, eagles, hornbills and much more is a most to do option. The place is even declared as a biosphere reserve inhabiting 18 different types of local tribes inside besides taking care of the natural treasure. Planning for a gateway for the family the ARANAYA NIVAS at LULUNG welcomes for a stay with various adventures and eclectic menu that would stimulate your taste buds. The Similipal bucket list spreads far and wide.

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Serving as the only one nesting ground for the vulnerable species of turtles THE OLIVERIDLEY along the breathtaking seashore of Rushikulya beach. Located in the Puri Konark coastline stretch is a sought after destination for a must paying visit. The sun bathed sand is the breeding ground for the turtles and fetches a huge number of tourists around the whole calendar. Meeting all the expectations as perfect shoot location with this oviparous reptiles becomes a wildlife photographer’s first choice for boosting the beauty of ODISHA to get shared across the world. Winters are the favorable time to get a glimpse of the exuberant sunset and the marine life laying their eggs in their respective nests. The sand art beautifully carved near the shore featuring the turtles and making visitors aware of their depleting population leave a great impression on the minds of the visitors making them aware of the earth’s changing atmospheric condition.


This placid blue water lagoon serves as the only lagoon throughout which hosts migratory birds from all the corners of the world, Irrawaddy dolphins, and other resident birds in one word a splendid location for a birder. Rich in aquatic life this sanctuary houses dolphins, tiger prawns, lobsters, crabs and crustaceans which are harvested by the local fishermen and get exported outside the country as well. The place remains in the bucket lit of every tourist as it is blessed with a sublime picturesque location, with marvelous vivid avian taking off like the flamingos. One should visit the Nalaban Wildlife Island to get a refreshing view of the sunrise with the foreign birds flying around and must not miss out on the boat ride and stay at barkul and rambha. The fashionable lakeside resorts and lodges are the must stay options as they treat every tourist with a glee.


The swampy wetland welcomes you with its lush green mangrove ecosystem and the in-house rivers flowing into. It gets its pride from the saltwater crocodiles, the reptiles ranging from Indian python, black ibis, darters, rhesus monkeys, wild boars and other species of flora and fauna which is surely going to give you a wider picture of seeing the reptiles from a closer view. A boat ride experience ripping apart the river water and spotting the deer prancing and the boars digging the grounds in search of their food is a glimpse one gets to see. Your stay can be planned in the nearby resorts to get the perfect view of the wild denizens.


How amazing is it when you get a warm welcome to a soulful place with its rich smell of the flora of the place and eye catching diverse fauna which includes many mammals and avifauna. Yes, this Ushakothi wildlife sanctuary situated at a distance of about 22 km from Sambalpur brings joy to the heart of every nature and wildlife lover demanding a must visit the largest dam the Hirakud dam situated west to it. It houses the flying squirrels and racket tailed dragons which are the rarest arboreal found. The ideal time to pay off a visit is in the winters so that real beauty is not missed out.


Need to get that seclusion from the hustle and bustle, visit this offbeat heaven to get a spectacular view of natural treasure and a cosmic experience of camping. Habitat of our national animal the tiger, elephants, other herbivores, avian-like our resident birds. The king of reptiles crocodiles dwell in the river, muggers and gharials are the specialities of this wildlife sanctuary. Ecotourism of the state offers staying camps in the southern and the northern parts of Satkosia. The starlit night sky with a bonfire and the local skewed barbeque dishes adds aroma to the exotic night stay experience. It remains as an outdoorsy holiday in a lesser-known destination.

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Another haven where the wild denizens reside which is along the longest dam the Hirakud reservoir has various species of flora and fauna. It gets its recognition for the freedom fighter Surendra Sai, who camouflaged in the dense wood during the rebellions activity. The sanctuary is a home for the tigers, leopards, bison, hyena, spotted deer, Indian hare, chameleons, migratory birds and ducks in the catchment area of the Hirakud dam. Endangered species like the four-horned antelope is the specialty of this sanctuary. Don’t miss to get your taste buds enhanced with the home-style mutton dish.


Still unexplored by many people this place remains majestic in its own way because of the most abundantly and rarest wildlife inhabiting here. It includes the barasingha, the wild bulls, hyenas, barking deer, chital, gaurs, sambar, Sloth bear, peafowl, tigers and leopards. Easily accessible as located in the Nuapada district of Odisha adjoining Chhattisgarh. The place has many gushing waterfalls and butterfly parks which would be the major part of your camera memory. A planned day out outreaches your scope to explore the picnic spots to give yourself a natural retreat.


Situated 20 km away from Bhadrak, in the Kendujhar district is home to several species of avifauna in addition to the other animals that include tigers, leopards, fishing cats, jungle cats, pangolin, hyena, wolf, porcupine, and langur.  A wildlife lover’s delight would be the unspoiled flora and fauna in this place. There is a dam constructed above over the river Sailandi named as Sailandi dam. There are forest rest houses designed and accommodation facility at Sailandi nilaya nearby.


The dense wood covered with deciduous type of forest fosters the tourism of the place. Sprawling over an area of 4000kmsquare, it has been designated as the natural reserve. Situated in the Kandhamal district of western Odisha is rich with the wild inhabitants which includes elephants crossing the rivulets, spotted deer swiftly swaggering around and abundant of antelopes.  It is abundant of antelopes. It is a must to visit option for every nature lover and wildlife enthusiasts.


Located in the Balasore district rich in bio geographic region of the Deccan peninsula zone which is of enormous importance with a variety of flora and fauna. The endangered and the vulnerable wildlife species like the Asiatic jumbos, leopards, gaurs, maw deer, rattle, etc. The vast deciduous forest maintains the ecosystem playing a vital role in the weather conditions. The place has a divine and a spiritual attraction too which fetches a large number of pilgrims every now and then.


Along the banks of breezy and sparkling domestically originated rivers like Naunai Rivers, Kusabhadra River, Kadua River and Prachi River. This sanctuary along the coastline of puri and Konark. The fauna cover hails to be the best picturesque location for a wildlife memoir. The sanctuary is lined up with the casuarinas, cashews and acacia trees which makes the sanctuary more alluring. The sanctuary is home to a herd of blackbuck and spotted deer. Other animals found in the sanctuary include monkey, squirrel, jungle cat, hyena, jackal, mongoose and a variety of birds and reptiles.


Karlapat wildlife sanctuary located in the Kalahandi district of Odisha, just 35 km away from Bhawanipatna is another alluring tourist attraction because of the babbling waterfall named Phulijharan which fosters tourism of the place making it the best picnic spot for the people visiting the place. the dense forest covers the deciduous forest and bushy shrubs all around apart from that the place is homeland to the deer, elephants, hyenas, parrots, gaurs and sambars, wide varieties of bird and reptiles. The place has a sacred and divine power unlike others Maa Manikeshwari is the famous deity worshipped with full devotion and dedication.


Located in the capital city Nandankanan is a zoological park and botanical garden safe and easily accessible for everyone starting from a tiny tot to an adult. The zoo finds everyone in gala while looking after each animal in the closely in the toy train all time favourite activity for every children and adult, apart from this the tiger safaris to see the royal animals closely which includes the white Bengal tigers, the tranquilising experience of boating, the aerial ropeway makes every wildlife lover to get a penchant of wildlife. The animals that are frequently seen in the vicinity are Asiatic lion, lion tailed macaque, Indian crocodiles, langurs, giraffe, elephants, black bears, rhinos and more. The artificial lush green woods created in the stretch of Chandaka forest finds numerous bird population and even migratory birds reach the place. The white peacock is the main attraction of the park. The jungle view restaurant provides you with delectable bamboo chicken and bamboo mutton along with all jungle originated barbeque type dishes. This park draws tourists throughout the year.


Located along the Eastern Ghats in Nayagarh district this wildlife sanctuary boosts its beauty because of the placid river Mahanadi. This sanctuary is an offbeat reserve again giving a home to the tigers, leopards and elephants and a plethora of wildlife species. The sanctuary is found in the vicinity of the Satkosia George.  Sal trees are lined up along the forest and the highest peaks ripped apart by the meandering sylvan rivulets add a unique charm to the place. Myriads of tourists are attracted to the sanctuary because of the scenic beauty of the place.

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At last winding up our journey which gave us a pleasurable experience about the incredible wildlife that our own state posses and ending up with a positive note that biodiversity is the greatest treasure we have, its depletion is to be prevented at all cost. Awaiting your visit, the forest beckons you.