2 Day Itinerary To Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary

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Last Updated: 20th Jan, 2021
tikarpada wildlife sanctuary and  the wonderful satkosia george

This winter echo your travelogue and plan a trip to the undisturbed ecosystem of Tikarpada wildlife sanctuary and Satkosia George. The region pretty much encompasses everything there is to want in a year-round paradise. The lush green forest cover all around, towering mountains covered with short to tall, bushes to trees, reflecting the banks of the pristine Mahanadi water is a view to behold. The Tikarpada wildlife sanctuary is a very famous tourist attraction where myriads of tourists flung every year to spend a relaxed short vacay away from the rapid run of city life. A lot of things that would tick your checklist for a perfect destination to spend two nights in the lap of nature. No trip to Tikarpada and Satkosia George is complete without a lounge on Mahanadi and meeting the endangered gharials.

Tikarpada, a picturesque hamlet situated 58 km away from Angul and 120 km from Dhenkanal, has been a tourist attraction for its cool, calm and chordal ambiance along the banks of Mahanadi and the sight stealing reptiles dwelling in the Mahanadi river .the Mahanadi cuts 22kms of the multihued collage of Sal trees in Tikarpada and a visit to the sanctuary is an awesome experience.

Sprawling over an area of 795.52 km the wildlife sanctuary sets itself as the most beautiful place to be visited once or twice. Amid nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts crowd the place as it gives a variety of adventurous options like trekking, river rafting, fish angling and camping near the banks of the river.  A safari ride exploring the wildlife cover and sail in the Mahanadi watching the flock of birds flying above and the gharials basking sun in the foothills of the towering mountains are the top most to do options that should not be missed out.

Apart from sailing the river sets as a mode of livelihood for the fishermen of the villages nearby. Another attraction is the ECO VILLAGE recognized by ODISHA tourism where the villagers' moto is not to use plastic and use all the ecological products for the making and living. They use everything produced from the forests and environment. The village is also famous for the art and craft made out of mud, coconut leaves, and bamboo stems.


As known earlier the sanctuary is circled by the Satkosia George, the sanctuary serves as a breeding ground for the gharials, as the population of this species is steeping down very rapidly. The Odisha Ecotourism has taken an initiative to increase the numbers making the gharials to dwell and breed in the Mahanadi bed. Apart from the gharials, there are spotted deer, snakes, turtles, gaurs, leopards, sloths and many others. The Satkosia tiger reserve also dwells the tigers though less but that adds a remarkable splendid attraction during the visit to the place. The mini zoo and the safari can make you enthralled with the exuberant natural heritage.


Nature camps and forest rest houses give a wider range of options for a perfect lodging in this realm. Spreading over a larger area it lures tourists from all the geographical directions. The nature camps and rest houses are set up on the northern and southern sides. The resorts you would opt for a stay are as follows: Chotkei Nature camp on the northern side, Tikarpada nature camp, Purunakote nature camp, Chamundia Satkosia resort in the southern side, at Kuanria forest rest house which is situated in the outskirts of the Satkosia tiger reserve. 

All the resorts are pocket friendly and come up with packages for both couples and family. With affordable prices, these luxurious staying options provide well-maintained 24hrs running water, two suites inside the camp, security and catering arrangements. The camps are run by the ecotourism groups providing facilities like viewing the majestic George, crocodiles basking in the sun, boating, rafting, fish angling, and bird watching and campfires. The starry nights and the campfires set as the best combination during the stay.


Chilling in the midst of dense Sal forests, tuck into local delights with a modern twist such as bamboo mutton, bamboo chicken and roasted fish. Apart from the veg and the nonveg platter with the local ingredients play magic by tantalizing your taste buds. The taste of the food will remain fresh in your mind even after the itinerary.


The motorboat rides, the halt at a resort and the roaming around this untainted form of nature will give you many breathtaking picturesque backgrounds that are worth capturing in your eyes as well as a snapshot which will remain as reminiscence. Trust me the pictures shot would flood your Instagram story and lure many other tourists to visit the place.

Well above all before reaching one should be knowing there is no network coverage and there is 0 WI-FI which means that it is completely digital detox which seems a little daunting at first but yes it’s the best part yet to completely dip yourself in natures lap for 2 days and relish the beauty. Meditating in the calm nature rejoices your mind and gives us a power setback again to match the pace with the concrete jungle.