27 Most Scenic Waterfalls of Odisha That are Worth Exploring

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Last Updated: 09th Jan, 2020
Waterfalls of Odisha

This eastern state from north to south, from east to west is bestowed with bewitching natural splendour. In between everywhere, the state is rife with majestic falls set amidst the melange of lush green, rugged hills and mountains. So let’s marvel at these massive waterfalls that the state is home to, we are sure that you will be traveling a lot more by the time you finish reading our list. 

Gandahati Waterfall, Gajapati

A popular tourist attraction located in the Gajapati district of Odisha. This is a perennial waterfall cascading from a prodigious height. It shows its charm when touched by the sunrays in the early morning. It leaves a picture-perfect background for every nature photographer. This serves as a picnic spot around the calendar and lately the area around has been developed as a park and arrangements like bamboo cottages are made for an all-day affair. The ice-cold water that plunges into a natural pool would rejuvenate your energy after the tiring day out.

Aapkhol Waterfalls, Bargarh

This the cascading waterfall gets more enthralling during monsoons. It is ambushed with abundant flora and fauna. It is located in the Bargarh district of western Odisha. The waterfall shines in its best glory and falls from an impressive height. Adventure lovers can go for a trek by climbing the rocky cliffs that line beside the waterfall.

Mirigikhoj Waterfall, Sundergarh

This is yet another amazing waterfall located in the Sundergarh district in Odisha. It is located at the backyards of Kalta iron mines. The location itself is very hot and polluted but this stream makes the place attractive enough with a peaceful clean environment. The waterfalls flow in several steps and it forces down in the early month of august. This still remains as a hidden treasure and a lesser-known destination. The bed of Mirigikhoj waterfall is packed with stones of iron ores.

Mainsigila Waterfall, Mayurbhanj

Mayurbhaj district is blessed with this natural splendour and it is one of the most spectacular waterfalls. The waterfall is located in the foothills of many highest peaks. It has a verdant surrounding. The waterfall rushes down by making a roaring sound and is a sight to behold. People from various parts of Odisha and other states visit the place for picnicking and enjoy the cool breeze and basking in the sun. The best time to visit is during the winter months.

Kadali Daraha Waterfall, Mayurbhanj

Crossing many forests the river falls down from an astounding height. It is a home to diverse flora and fauna. The rocky waterfall is needless to mention it is a treat for photographers and nature lovers. Though the trail is arduous enough crossing many cliffs on the way, but after getting sight of the breathtaking marvelous stream your receptors make you feel delighted and spend a perfect day out.

Pradhanpat Waterfalls, Debagarh

The bewitching and the marvelous beauty of this waterfall is such that the nature lovers and travel enthusiasts will find their wildest dreams fulfilled. It is worth spending a day picnicking on the calming embrace of mother earth. The major attractions of this waterfall is the echo sounds it makes while it drops down from a height of 9.1m.a must be enlisted in the bucket list of every visitor visiting Odisha.

Khandadhar Waterfall, Sundergarh

Located in the western part of Odisha, most accurately in Sundergarh district is the star location as it is ranked to be the 12th highest waterfall in India and the second highest in Odisha. The pleasant weather gives everyone visiting the place a refreshing start. It sets itself as the best location for adventure enthusiasts and the arduous journey one takes to reach the breathtaking natural heritage is washed away as one splashes into the natural pool formed beneath. Tourists throng here for sightseeing and spend quality time by planning a picnic. The ideal time for visiting the waterfall is post-monsoon month.

Khandadhar Waterfall, Kendujhar

Another most popular and beautiful waterfall flowing along the holy river is a major attraction. Myriads of tourists gather at this spot for planning picnics and enjoying the natural beauty. It falls down from a height of 500m thus creating smokey scenario all around. This location is situated 50 km away from Keonjhar district. This place allures every person to get lost in the lap of mother earth and one cannot remain quite without appreciating its beauty.

Sanaghagra Waterfall, Kendujhar

The waterfall is a wonderful spot to unwind and observe nature at its most intimate yet devasting best. This fall attracts tourists across the globe every time round the calendar. It is located in the Keonjhar district of Odisha. The immaculate ecotourism is not only an ideal picnic site but also provides space for trekking and camping. It makes its along the peaks from a height of 30.5 m. The vicinity has children parks, restaurants that would serenade your taste bud with classy Odia delights, lawns, and museums which remain as a perfect planned day out.

Chandandhara Waterfall, Nabarangpur

Chandandhara is a majestic waterfall located in the interiors of Nabarangpur. Locals throng to this cataract anytime round the calendar to spend quality time with their family and friends. This beautiful has a spiritual touch too a natural self originated shiva lingam is being worshipped here which attracts devotees from far off places. Tourists from different nearby states also visit this place which sets itself to be an ideal location for a relief and lose yourself completely in this natural wonder.

Putudi Waterfall, Phulbani

The waterfall has turned into a delightful picnic spot, where one can enjoy a spectacular view uninterrupted. Located in the Phulbani town, in the Kandhamal district this stream has got its origin from the famous river of Odisha Badasaluki and it offers a panoramic view to its visitors. This waterfall is so sublime and attracts international tourists to get the glimpse of this place.

Phurlijharan Waterfall, Bhawanipatna

To get the site of a rainbow in the land isn’t it a dream come true? Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this cascading fall where there is a rainbow formation in the area where the water coagulates after falling from a certain height. This waterfall is found in the stretch of karlapat wildlife sanctuary located in Kalahandi district of Odisha. Along with the natural treasure and dense deciduous woods, the waterfall is slowly turning into a tourist hotbed. The OTDC is making relentless efforts to make the place as the best reviewed waterfalls in Odisha. One can even get a closer view of the falls and feel the mist of freshwater droplets falling on your faces which gives rejuvenating feeling. As it is to greet tourists, the falls flaunt a rainbow, which can be seen in the mist and can be captured in your piece of lenses.

Deojhar Waterfall , Cuttack

Located in the Narasinghpur block of Cuttack district, this waterfall stands as the most beautiful waterfall with parks and trees that are planted in a line which greets every visitor to pay a visit. This waterfall is located 80km ahead of Ansupa Lake. This place is remarked as the best picnic spot in Cuttack district with Badedidhar cave at the top where the saints lived and the waterfall descends from that height.

Gudguda Waterfall, Sambalpur

Located in the western Odisha belt, more accurately in Sambalpur district, is a popular waterfall that cascades from an admirable height and breaks into several streams. The wonder is located a bit interior from the main town. Canopies of forest hug the waterfall and it is the reason for the waterbody to be very chilled as it doesn’t get exposed to sun rays. It is a beautiful picnic spot and has a picture-perfect backdrop.

Duduma Waterfalls, Koraput

This luscious waterfall is a great sight your eyes will never be tire of feasting upon. Located in the heaven of Odisha in the Koraput district. The plunge makes its way through the cliffy mountains and attracts a lot of tourists round the calendar .the waterfall has got its origin from the Macchkund river and allures every visitor. Apart from the scenic beauty it also shelters the Bonda tribe class who live at the footsteps of this marvellous fall. People mostly visit this place for planning picnics and also to beat the scorching summer.

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Gundichaghai waterfall, Keonjhar

When it comes to Gundichaghai waterfall, it is hard to compete with the Gundichaghai waterfall. getting its location in the divine city of Kendujhar district allures every nature lover to set this location as the picnic spot. This plunge of chute over the green mountains, this cascade gushes across multiple tiers of mossy rocks before reconnecting again in a misty cauldron. The true paradise allows every tourist to take a best memory along with them way back.

Barehipani Waterfall, Mayurbhanj

Placed as the 2nd highest waterfall across India, Barehipani waterfall shares its land with the famous Similipal national park. The myriads of flora and fauna that is found in this environ adds more beauty to this majestic waterfall. It trickles down from a height of 399m where the tallest drop ranges 259 m. The national park gives habitat to a trove of natural vegetation, medicinal plants around along with a variety of avians and diverse fauna. It remains as the major attraction for the tourists who visit the national park. Travellers stay and gaze at the beauty of the cascading waterfall which is a confluence of two streams falling down from the highest peak inside the national park. It gives tourists a refreshing feel and allows them to enjoy and relax along its bank.

Handibhanga Waterfall, Kendujhar

Splashing down from a soaring height of 200ft the grandeur scenic beauty indulges the tourists. The lush green environs and diverse flora and fauna in variant hues and colors adds a mesmerizing experience in the visitor's travel diary. It is located in the Keonjhar district of Odisha. The ideal time when this line greets the tourist is in biting winter months where you can soothe your soul by sun basking and making your taste buds active with eclectic dishes as this remains to be the best picnic spot.

Joranda Waterfall, Mayurbhanj

Another mind-blowing cataract sharing its land with the top national parks of the India that is the Similpal tiger reserve is a popular attraction that keeps the tourists in a dreamland when visited. It is graded as the 19th highest waterfall in Odisha. It is near the Barehipani waterfall. It is single and straight falling chute and it makes its way even deeper with rocky backdrop making it a breathtaking beauty location.

Badaghagra Waterfall, Kendujhar

A must not to be missed out attraction when you visit Odisha are the waterfalls. So here lets go and explore the Badaghagra waterfalls located in the Keonjhar district of Odisha. Well accessible and connected to the capital city Bhubaneswar the waterfalls attracts a huge crowd from faraway places to get their vacations sorted along with their kith and kins. The plunge of water finds its way down from a height of 200ft and splashes into Ghagra River which is a tributary of Baitarani River. The crowd mainly includes the trekkers and picnickers from far wide as it sets to be the ideal location with dense forest around with canopies allowing the sunlight to reach the ground and making the water body to panache its glow more.

Koilighugar Waterfall, Jharsuguda

The destination gives a treat to the viewer’s eyes as it is a calm and peaceful waterfall. The waterfall clocks in at a staggering height 200ft tall .it is located in the Jharsuguda district and its hidden inside the dense forest .the best times to visit the place is during winter or early summers as there is a stable pool beneath the falls which gives a rejoicing bathe.

Devkund Waterfall, Mayurbhanj

Hidden amid the lofty peaks, this waterfall is located 87 km from Balasore and very nearer to the Similipal national park. As its name says it is a pond where god and goddess take bath. It is a religious waterfall indeed. It is a pond under a gushing waterfall and encircled by deep woods. The place is frequented by cool breezes and the charm of the place is added by the colorful butterflies and the chirping of birds all around.

Nrusinghanath Waterfall, Bargarh

The traverse along the rocky terrain before reaching can be cumbersome but once you get the site of this waterfall all your fatigue disappears .the cool breeze and serenity of this place adds a sacred fervour to your breathe.  The waterfalls is located at the foothills of  Gandhamardan hills in the Bargarh district of Odisha. Enclosed by resplendent green jungles and Nrushinghanath temple this waterfall is a perfect natural setting to spend time with the natural heritage. the ideal time to visit the place is between October to march.

Mankandadian Waterfall, Gajapati

People flock every year to this beautiful spot to end their crave for a perfect location for an all-day affair. Set within in Gajapati district people plan for picnics bear the enthralling beauty. There are wider roads for proper access to the place.

Khuludi Waterfall, Angul

Waterfall which is a bit shimmery in nature is what every person who is a wanderlust would crave for. The foothill of the waterfall is blessed to have a lord shiva temple which is a very calm and pleasant atmosphere to relish with your loved one. It is located in Angul district and it remains a true spectacle of nature.

Garjankhol Waterfall, Keonjhar

Another sight stealing waterfall which is veiled in the beauty of nature is the Garjankhol waterfall. It is located in Keonjhar district and near the spiritual town of Ghataguon. The deciduous woods hugs the waterfall and it cascades down into a huge natural pool that lures tourists to take a refreshing bath. The best time to visit this hidden treasure is during summer.

Sureshwari Waterfall, Angul

Located in the Angul district of Odisha. This waterfall is a lesser known destination. This rippling chute falls from a certain height with a pool beneath the fall and allows one to cool off before heading back.

As the picnic season is on and the year end is nearing, the top most sought after destinations are enlisted and you must not leave a single opportunity visiting these grandeurs.