How To Make The Most Of Your Eco Tour In Odisha

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Last Updated: 09th Mar, 2022
How To Make The Most Of Your Eco Tour In Odisha

Odisha is the land of farmed forests, valleys, mountains, gorges, waterfalls, and sky-rocketing  peaks with beautiful wildlife in their god given habitat. A total of 110 species of reptiles encompassing 3 crocodilian species, twenty species of amphibians, 86 species of mammals and 479 species of birds have been documented so far in this beautiful state. For nature lovers planning to experience the wild landscapes of the state in a sustainable manner, a well-planned eco tour of Odisha is the perfect way to go. From trekking to birding, camping to eco-resorts, boating to sightseeing, Odisha gives something for everyone. 

Bhitarkanika Nature Camps

Do you know who’s known as the “Mini-Amazon” of India? Well, it is without any doubt Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park. After Sundarbans, it’s the 2nd largest Mangrove ecosystem of our country. Gupti Nature Camp, Habalikhati and Dangamal Nature Camp are placed inside Bhitarkanika with lavish accommodations & diverse selection of cuisines and delicacies. World’s largest flock of SaltWater Crocodiles can be seen in the gulfs of Bhitarkanika. 

Similipal Nature Camps

Similipal Tiger Reserves which scatters over 2750 square kilometres of Central Indian Landscape. Apart from a Tiger Reserve, Similipal is also a wildlife sanctuary, Biosphere Reserve, national park, and also a part of Mayurbhanj Elephant Reserve. The massive forest lands of Similipal is a unique amalgamation of deciduous, semi-ever green, high level Sal, grassland and savannas.

Satkosia Nature Camps

Located in the district of Angul, Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary is blessed with some of the finest sightseeing places with night stay facilities in lavish Swiss Tents. Tikarpada Nature Camp on the reservoir of the beautiful Satkosia valley offers you an experience far beyond your fantasy. Boat ride on the Satkosia Valley of River Mahanadi in between the woody mountains is an unbelievable experience.

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Chilika Nature Camps

Mangalajodi, “The Birds Paradise of Asia” is in the North Eastern Part of Chilikia Lagoon. Uncountable migratory birds flock during different parts of the year here. However, the winter season sees the highest gatherings of nearly 4-5 lakhs resident & migratory birds. It’s the only place in India where large gatherings of diverse species of vibrant birds can be seen from close proximity to a boat. This place is not just a haven for birders but also for photographers across the globe. 

Your eco tour of Odisha wouldn’t be complete without exploring all of these above-mentioned nature camps. Plan your Orissa Trip with OD Tours and Travels for a memorable vacation.  Rest assured that we can customize your Odisha Tour while keeping your budget and exact travel needs in mind.