OD Travels – The Ideal Tour and Travel Agency for Honeymoon in Manali

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Last Updated: 04th Jul, 2022
Manali Honeymoon Packages

If you are newlywed and planning a honeymoon, Manali and Shimla is the ideal place. You definitely desire your trip to be full of romanticism during a honeymoon and not face any hassle or stress. If you select from the Manali honeymoon packages offered by OD Travels, you can expect your honeymoon trip to be full of romance, and there will be no hassle or stress.

However, you may wonder why OD Travels is the ideal tour and travel agency. Let us see why it is such.

Customized package

We are a tour and travel agency that has the ability to customize our Manali tour packages after understanding the desires of our customers. We know that the requirement of every newlywed is not the same. We try to understand their wishes like comfort at the place of stay, nature of transportation and the level of privacy they want. After understanding the desires of our customers, we customize our package so that our customers have what they desire during their honeymoon.

Own car services

Many other tour organizations offer Shimla tour packages; however, very few have car services. We have such, and due to that, we can offer our customers the pleasure of travelling in well-maintained cars driven by professional and trained drivers.

During booking your honeymoon trip to Manali, you can mention the nature of the car you desire to have. We will make sure that such a car will be at your service from the beginning to the end of the trip. Our drivers are local and know about places to visit in Shimla and Manali. They will take you to those places and can guide you to explore the place in the best possible manner.

Opportunity to know the culture and heritage of the place

The design of our tour packages lets you have an authentic glimpse of the culture and heritage of the places you visit. We arrange the trip in such a manner that the menu of the lunch and dinner consists of local cuisines. Himachal has special foods, and when you are with us, you can taste those at authentic restaurants.

We arrange cultural events in the evening so that you can hear and see the folk songs and dance. So, our Manali honeymoon packages will offer you a romantic outing and help you have exposure to understand Himachal properly.

Affordable package

Even though you are on a honeymoon trip, you must have a budget. When you initially discuss your travel plan, we will make sure that it is possible to have a romantic honeymoon within your budget. Our packages are best priced, and it is difficult for other tour operators to match that.

We will always be with you during your trip to Manali and Shimla. If you ever face any difficulty, you can call us, and we will be happy to solve those issues.