Baba Akhandalamani

On the bank of river Baitarani, the Akhandalamani Temple is the abode of Lord Shiva. One of the most important seats of Shaivism and most revered too, the Akhandalamani Temple situated at Aradi, about 52 km from Bhadrak. The presiding deity here is Lord Shiva; the deity is referred locally by the name ‘Baba Akhandalamani’. The temple was built by the King of Konika Shri Harihara Bhanja and his chief queen Satyabhama Patadei. The temple is about 150ft high and all the stones used for its construction was brought from the historic hill of Lalitgiri near Chandikhol. The main entrance hall was built by a sage named Shri Narasingha Pratap Kumar and the surrounding wall of the temple was built by a noted sage named Shri Darshan Sekhara Das.