Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is situated at a convenient location along the sea coast between Puri and Konark. This Wildlife Sanctuary extends from Banki Muhan near Puri to Keluni Muhan near Daluakani. The sanctuary is filled with lush green vegetation, cashew and casuarina plantations, and mangrove forest. Its undisturbed sandy beaches offer high potentialities for developing as a major eco-tourism spot in Odisha. The sanctuary is covered by plantation of casuarina and cashew trees. It is home to herds of herbivores(spotted deer), monkeys, jungle cat, hyena,monitos lizard, snakes, etc. Olive Ridley sea turtles have seen nesting in the beach. Balukhand-Konark Wildlife Sanctuary is traversed by the rivulets such as Nuanai River, Kusabhadra River, Kadua River, and Prachi River.