Bhanjanagar nature camp

Located 72 Km from Berhampur, the Odisha ecotour nature camp nestled right at the middle of the Kaliamba forest has immense potential for nature, the property is located further 8 Km into the forest from the old nature campsite which is right on the Saluapalli road. Barking deer, Wild boar, Jackals, and Giant Malabar Squirrel are common sighting here along with peacocks and other birds and animals.

Kaliamba forest is famous for a unique kind of Giant Squirrels. The Giant Squirrel with 2ft long colourful tail and dark red fur on the majestic slender body is seen hopping and jumping from one branch to other of the trees in the campus making loud calls. They rest in large globular nests of twigs and leaves with one door and each Giant Squirrel is seen building more than one nest for it. The tree with the Tree House is home to 15 to 20 Giant Squirrels perching on different branches and the Eco-Campus has a number of Giant Squirrels nesting on trees.