Bikramkhol Cave is a favorite tourist destination situated on the Jharsuguda-Lakhanpur Road at about 25 km from Jharsuguda.The ancient cave of Bikramkhol in the village known as Banjari bears the testimony of the evolution of human civilization and a script developed by them, far back in the 4000 B.C.

The village of Banjari is an important name in the tourism of Jharsuguda owing to its antiquity.Bikramkhol is the recognized tourist spot of the Central Government in Orissa, which attracts tourists even from abroad.The ancient symbols engraved on the walls of the cave of Bikramkhol, paintings of animals, circular holes dug in the wall where weapons, dress and other articles of use were being kept suspended, the floors, where circular holes have been dug to pound the grains etc are the key interest about the Bikramkhol cave.