Charchika Temple is a 19th-century old temple situated in Banki town of Cuttack district in Odisha. Goddess Chamunda is worshipped in the temple. She is an eight-armed goddess, who is a manifestation of Maa Devi Durga, seated on a prostrate human body and wearing a garland of human skulls. She displays khadga, Shula, Katari, and varadamudra in her four right hands whereas the four left hands represent the severed head, blood-cup, and leaving a finger of the remaining hand soaked in blood. She is called as Maa Charchika by local people. This temple is situated on the top a hillock whose name is Ruchika Parvat on the bed of the Renuka river. 
Legend says that the Maa Charchika idol was created by Parashurama. In the temple, there is a pidha vimana, jagamohana and a wooden mandapa known as "sunyavahini mandapa" that reflects Kalingan architecture. The ceiling of the mandapa is carved, painted with animals and birds like - elephant, duck, parrot, peacock, etc which made of wood whereas the pillars are in stone.