Debagiri Hill

It’s the Debagiri hill that is unique in its own way. This hill is 120.2m high. This hill becomes narrow when you move upward. However, the top part of this hill is the flat platform in a rectangular shape. This portion can be accessed from the north side of the hill. At Debagiri, the 476 steps are the prime features. Right at the top portion of this hill, you can find the perennial poles of water that are together called as Ganga, Yamuna, Bhargavi, Saraswati, and Indradyumna. Here you can also find a cave that appears as two jaws. Right at the meeting point of these two jaws, there is a Shiva Linga located and enshrined. During the Shiva Ratri, many devotees and visitors use to gather at this place in order to celebrate this festival.