Ghanteswari Temple

The Ghanteswari Temple has played a historically significant role quite distinct from the religious role assigned to a temple. The temple owes its name to the number of bells that hang in the temple premises. Rows of tiny bells that jingle at the slightest touch from the barricades on either side of the entrance to the temple. The steps leading to the temple are framed by bells all around. A gateway has thousands of bells hung in place by devotees. Within the inner sanctum, bells adorn every possible surface. Bunches of bells adorn the doorway to the inner sanctum sanctorum. The extravagant number of bells is owed to the fact that devotees who have had their wishes and requests fulfilled by the Goddess hang a bell in the premises. The bells in the temple helped navigate boats in unruly weather conditions when the shore was not clearly visible. It served the purpose of a lighthouse.