Harishankar Temple

An ancient shrine situated in the Balangir District, Harisankar Temple is one of the ancient temples of Orissa. It is on the southern slope of the Gandhamardan hills, which stand along Balangir-Sambalpur border. This 14th-century temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is noted for its charming design and exquisite architecture, which is different from the more well known Orissa style.

The place is known as Harishankar after Hari Lord Vishnu and Sankara Lord Shiva, the dual deities of Hindu mythology. The plateau between the two temples is strewn with ancient Buddhist ruins which are considered to be remnants of the ancient University Parimalgiri.   

The foaming waters sparkle vibrantly, acting as an enjoyable contrast to the unmelting hardness of the granite bed from which it cascades through the sun-dappled jungle. Echoing its joyful song, birds and bathers thronging the pool shaped by the swirling waters seem to give thanks to 'Hari' and 'Shankar', the reigning deities of Harishankar Temple perched on the southern slope of Gandhamardan hill. The hillside is well-known for medicinal plants. It is about 81 km from Balangir.