Huma is a small hamlet, which is located on the left embankment of the River Mahanadi. This hamlet is positioned nearly 23 km southern part of the Sambalpur at the beautiful state of Odisha, India. Inside this hamlet, there is an eminent temple which is devoted to deity Shiva. This temple of deity Shiva was built in 1670 AD. This leaning temple was constructed by the ruler known as Baliar Singh who was the 5th ruler of the kingdom of Chauhan of Sambalpur, Odisha, India. This ancient temple is well recognized as Huma’s Leaning Temple, as this temple is not standing straight and is little skewed to the one direction. In fact, more or less the whole thing contained by the temple compound is tilted.


Other than this beautiful leaning temple, there is a special type of red-colored fish that can be witnessed here, which is popularly known as the Kudo fish. These Kudo fish are considered to be very docile because they eat sweets and many other kinds of foods from people’s hand who come here to take bath near to this leaning temple. These Kudo fishes are one of the many attractions, which draw maximum attention of visitors to come to visit this leaning temple. No one here tries to grab hold of these Kudo fish as these fish are considered to be one of the gifts of the almighty. The visitors can feed these Kudo fish as well, which have turned out to be extremely nice pets for many years. To feed these Kudo fish is an act that is believed to be very holy by the devotees.


During special occasions these fish have been called by the names that are given to them and the God’s offering is given to them. This is considered as one of the important activities of this leaning temple. In addition, the travelers can also take pleasure in the boat ride inside the Mahanadi River to a number of small islands.