Joranda is located at about 24 km from Dhenkanal. Joranda is well-known as the religious center of ‘Mahima Dharma’. Mahima Dharma is significant as it is the only religious cult that had its initiation in the state of Odisha. Tourists visit Joranda to have a look at the resting place of Mahima Gosain, the founder of the Mahima Cult.

There are several other temples worth seeing in Joranda. Among them are the Sunya Mandira, the Gadi Mandira, and the Dhuni Mandira. A large fair is organized in Joranda every year during the full-moon day of Magha. People attend the Joranda fair in large numbers. It is actually the annual function of the people belonging to the Mahima religion. This festival has been held regularly since 1874.