Travelers often fall short of words to describe the beauty of Khandadhar Waterfall settled in the Sundergarh district of the state. Khandadhar is best described as a horse tail type waterfall dropping from a height of 244 m hence takes the spot of the 12th highest waterfall in the whole country. What’s more to this famous waterfall in Odisha is the even famous legends etched to it. One of the popular tribes that live close to this popular waterfall, the Pauri Bhuiya tribals state that once the Sundergarh branch of their community was enchanted by Kankala Devi, a goddess. The covetous goddess was known to consume even the soil of the area. With helplessness taking over the tribe, they placed her on a rock, which much to everyone’s surprise, the goddess consumed and that resulted in the forming of a deep hole from where the Khandara streamed out. With that incident the tribe got water. Later a couple from the community had to visit their relatives who lived on the eastern part of the district. It so happened that the relatives that the couple had to meet were not around but interestingly a pile was kept outside their home.

When the couple looked inside the pile they witnessed Khand Kumari, goddess and protector of the prosperity of the area and brought her back with them. All of this resulted in the Goddess’ strength being bestowed upon the couple.