Kushaleswar Temple

Kushaleswar Temple, Deogaon is situated in the district of Keonjhar, sanctified owing to the presence of a shrine dedicated to Lord Kusheleswar Mahadev built in 900 AD. The temple located on the bank of river Kusei is an excellent pilgrimage center of the area. Jagar Mela & Sravan Purnima is celebrated with great enthusiasm. This temple has corroborated the saga of Koshal Empire of western Odisha. The temple is a unique treasure trove of chiseled sculptures of precious religious faiths. The superb craftsmanship of artist throw light on religious activities of Jainism, Buddhism, Vaishnavism, Saivism & Saktism. Even if it is a Saiva temple, it has accommodated a Mukti Mandap adorned with pictures of Vaishnavite incarnations. This spot is just 15 km away from Anandapur.

It is famous for the Shiva temple and for Jagar Mela & Sravan Purnima which are celebrated with great enthusiasm.