Maa Majhighariani Temple

Maa Majhighariani is famous in Southern Division of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. Most of the devotees are coming from Madhyapradesh Chatishgarh, Andhrapradesh including undivided Koraput District. Only the face of the Maa MajhiGhariani is worshiped. During Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday a large number of Devotees are coming to this place for worshiping the Goddess.

The presiding deity of Rayagada, Maa Majhghariani, is known as Majji Gowri in A.P. Originally a tribal deity, she is considered to be an incarnation of Goddess Durga. In the 4th century AD, when Emperor Samudragupta invaded this area, the local ruler was able to successfully defend his kingdom with the blessings of this Goddess. In the 14th century, a temple was built at the exact center of a fort (Majhi Ghariani literally means occupant of the central house) and that is how she acquired this name.

The temple is famous for Chaitra-Parba i.e. March-April of every year.