Murga Mahadev Temple

Murga Mahadeva is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located in Nuamundi mines area under Champua subdivision of kendujhar district.Lakhs of devotees visit this place during the month of Shraavan, Kartik, and during Shivaratri. It is an ancient shrine where both tribal and Brahminical system of worship is followed. The waterfalls nearby make the place marvelous. Every winter people come here for recreation and picnic. Situated near the Thakurani Hill in Champua Sub-division by the side of a perennial spring. It is famous for the temple of Murga Mahadev. It is 65 km. from Keonjhar. The Perenial Spring drops from a height of 30 feet to which creates a waterfall named Murga Mahadev waterfall Just the Left Side of Main Temple. This place is pulled up with natural beauty that giving a good experience to every tourist. The Murga Mahadev waterfall is flowing from the Thakurani hill. The waterfall side the small forest increasing the beauty of this place. Also, this place is one of the popular picnic spots in this district. The small waterfall dropping in two drops flowing. Also, the waterfall creating a small river that is giving an amazing beauty to this place. Also near the side of the waterfall, many types of plants are there. Those are created by local peoples those are increasing the attraction point of this place. This place is best for natural lovers.