The serene environment of this waterfall within close proximity of the town at a mere distance of one kilometer remains the first attraction for the visitors to Deogarh. The waterfall itself is the biggest asset having natural panorama. Poets and nature-loving celebrities from all over India come to visit this place. The Shakti Peetha of Maa Pradhani and temple of lord Champakaswar have a strong religious significance and rich cultural heritage. People enjoy religious spectacles and worship them since time immemorial. It is a real retreat to the worshipers that the waterfall is free from the clamor and chaotic disturbances. The waterfall offers a peaceful glimpse and serenity of water falling breeze, it is felt like a peace and pleasure zone for all categories of visitors who returned with remarkable experiences.

 The amazing view of one cave near the waterfall is another significant beauty of nature.  There is a small temple of Maa Pradhan Pateswari inside the waterfall. There is a big limestone adjacent to the waterfall.