Rani Duduma Waterfalls

Nandapur is a small town approximately 45kms from the District headquarters Koraput. It is situated at about 14 miles from Semiliguda and 50 km from Patangi. Rani duduma waterfall one of the natural beauties near Nandapur, a small village in Koraput District of Orissa State in India, which literally mean queen fall, this place is also favorite among picnicker. The place is of great historical importance as researchers have acquired materials connected to its antiquity. G. Ramadas infers that the village has derived its name from the famous Nanda dynasty of Magadha, which was supposed to have ruled over this area. It can be easily accessed by hiring local transportation or public transport facilities. This is one of the ideal visiting places in nandapur for a picnic with family and friends.