Sitabinji Fresco Painting and Rock Inscription

Sitabinji Fresco Painting & Rock Inscription is located on the side of holy Sita river in a beautiful natural ambiance encircled with the sprawling mountain range. A magnificent stone looks like a temple stands in the country yard with a height of approx. 150 feet high which is considered as a major attraction of the spot. Maa Sita Thakurani is the presiding goddess of the pitha along with her two sons Laba & Kusha worshipped under a mammoth stone-like temple structure from time immemorial. The famous ancient fresco painting on a rock shelter called Ravan Chahaya is looking like a half-opened umbrella which depicts the legendary battle of Lord Rama & Ravana. A series of rock inscriptions are also found nearby the spot is still not interpreted by the modern historians. A great civilization was flourished once upon a time as bricks & other antiques are earthen at the site. The latest remainings of the vestige of the history corroborate that of the golden era of the Gupta period of India. Now, ASI is looking after this site for preservation & conservation purposes.