Ujjaleswar Temple & Ghodahada Dam

Ujjaleswar Temple is situated at a distance of 19 km from  Digapahandi and 45 km from Berhampur, near Ghodahada Dam. One would aptly cherish for visiting a monument with rare and quaint features. The shrine of Ujjaleswar has been developed from a cave temple, on a hillock which is approachable by steps. A huge stone shadowing the deity forms the backside of the temple, which has been also chiselled to steps for facilitating a circumambulation around the shrine. Before reaching the unctuous site, one would come across the pleasing surrounding of Ghodahada Dam, which has submerged a fort named Vijayanagar and its temple. The reservoir provides silence to a herd of elephants, crocodiles and pythons and sub-soil water for Horticulture farm of tuberose. However rollicking monkeys, deer park, a pond with lotus flowers, an age-old Banyan tree testing one’s unfeigned devotion and unfurled natural backdrop verdant the sanctity of Ujjeleswar. One can drive carefully a bike or a jeep up to the temple. In the case of a bus ride, visitors may have to walk ¾ km.