Yogeswar Temple

The temple is new; its God (Sibalinga) is pretty old, dating back to the 6th century. The temple is built with the help of rehabilitation assistance fund and unexpected source. Locals lent their helping hand. The help of cassette king late Gulshan Kumar is significant. He has donated all the marble fitted so far. A “Jugal Murti” of Shiba-Parvati carved out of single stone is placed as his spiritual gift in the sanctum -sanatorium Ram temple is located downhill. 40 ft. Hanuman statue is one of the attractions.

A drive in the winding road along the running water canal slakes the thirst of tired tourist. Still, more trekking up the road to the temple across green hills with a glance at the transparent reservoir amid the lively forest offers a breathtaking view.

On the bank of the river, Jonk is a place of uncommon scenic charms. Engirdled on all sides by green-clad hills. It holds in it's bosom and irrigation project and culture dating back to the pre-Christian era at Manikgarh. This is the Dam site of the Upper Jonk Irrigation Project situated at a distance of 20Km from the Dist HQ. This place is also famous for YOGESWAR TEMPLE. This place has the potential of a tourist center in the future. There is a lot of scope for Boating in the Reservoir of the U.J.I.P. It has also been planned to start the Dist Museum and Pantha Nivas at the Dam site.