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Odisha (Orissa) has an art and craft that are the products of a long historical process in which the spiritual, philosophical and the human dimensions have merged to yield the finest effects of cultured and civilized life. This art and craft only have made the state a land of rich and diverse artistic achievements.

The cultural heritage of Odisha (Orissa) is reflected in its vibrant art forms. Having distinct traditions of painting, architecture, sculpture, handicrafts, music, and dance, Odisha (Orissa) boasts of a long and rich cultural heritage.

Due to the regions of many different rulers, the culture, arts, and crafts of the state underwent many changes, imitations, assimilations and new creations from time to time. Yet, the artistic skill of the Oriya Art & Crafts Information is unsurpassable in the world.

Famous for its appliqué items, Pipli- the fare attracts thousands of visitors round the year and offers a gala of alluring handicrafts. Silver filigree has also been an important export item of Odisha (Orissa) from ancient times and has been a symbol of the summit of excellence reached by Orissan craftsmen. The exquisitely carved stone sculptures, embellished on the walls of the ancient shrines and monuments attest the artistry of those sculptors who perfected the skill through centuries of disciplined efforts. The progeny of these artisans who built the magnificent temples of Mukteswar, Lingaraj, Jagannath and Sun God at Konark, have kept alive the sculptural heritage of their forefathers and their apt hands still continue to chisel and carve exact replicas of the original temple sculptures besides producing a variety of other items.

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