Tribal Tour

The tribal population of splendid Orissa has so far managed to preserve their prehistoric rituals, customs and culture even in today’s modern world. The population of tribal people alone represents about two per cent of the state’s total population. As a result, you can still get the glimpse of rich culture and traditions of an ancient Odisha in those tribal regions and have an unforgettable experience you haven’t had before.

Even today, every Odisha tribal group holds an inheritance of traditions, which are deeply rooted in their culture and lifestyle. The tribal tours in Odisha are most refreshing and energizing. It will take you away from the chaos of the city and town to the calm and peaceful place where people still believe in living a simple life just like their ancestors do. The Odishan civilization is one of the oldest in the world. You can still find the remains of this oldest civilization in the primeval places of the country and explore more about the culture, traditions, rituals, customs and lifestyle of the  tribal people.

Embark on an incredible journey to the tribal places  and have a close view of the long-standing culture and traditions of the state, which continues to persevere in its primitive surroundings.

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