Similipal Nature Camp

Similipal Nature Camp Welcomes You !!!

Similipal Tiger Reserve which spreads over 2750 Sq.Kms is a part of Central Indian Landscape. Not only a Tiger Reserve, Similipal is also a National Park, Wildlife Sanctuary, Biosphere Reserve and also a part of Mayurbhanj Elephant Reserve. Similipal derives its name from the abundance of Semul or Red Silk Cotton trees that bloom vividly in its forest. The vast stretches of forest of Similipal is a unique composition of deciduous, semi-ever green, high level Sal, grass land & savannahs. It is the abode of more than 1253 species of flowering plants, 99 species of non-flowering plants, 21 species of amphibians, 62 species of reptiles, 361 species of birds, 55 species of mammals and many species of flora and fauna yet to be identified. Similipal Tiger Reserve located in the northern side of the state is also blessed with majestic waterfalls like Barehipani, Joranda & Uski, Sitakund-Deokund-Bhimkund waterfalls in its periphery, rocky cliffs and green valleys dotted in sylvan Sal forests. It bears 94 species of orchids, many of them are endemic and endangered and 72 are Himalayan species. There are many species of rare, endangered, threatened and vulnerable plants and animals. Mahaseer, hornbill, Chowsingha, Mouse deer, Giant Squirrel, Flying squirrel, Ruddy mongoose, mugger crocodile and Rufus tailed hare are examples of this unique biodiversity.

Similipal is famous for Tigers and Elephants. It is the only Tiger Reserve in the country to boast of Melanistic Tigers. It alone is the home of 75% Tiger and 25% Elephants of Odisha. The other wildlife in Similipal are Bison, Sambar, Chital, Porcupine, Pangolin, Pythons, Wild boar, Leopard, Barking Deer, Jungle Cat, Giant Squirrel, Common Languor etc. Most commonly found birds are Peafowl, Jungle fowl, Hill Myna, Parakeets, variety of Eagles etc beside Hornbills & Trogons. The park has a sizeable population of reptiles including Snakes,Crocodiles and Turtles.

Similipal Nature Camp
Similipal forest overview

Things To Do:

  1. 1Birding
  2. 2Jungle Trekking
  3. 3Hill Trekking
  4. 3Star Gazing
  5. 3Farm Visits
  6. 3Cultural Tours etc

Day Safari:

Visitors can hire vehicle from Jashipur for Day Safari through the jungles of Similipal visiting the 3 waterfalls –Barehipani Waterfall, Joranda and Uski and back to Camp via Chahala where you can see wildlife.

Best time to Visit:

Round the year.

Where to Stay

Visitors can make night halt in 3 nature camps inside Similipal i.e. Gurguria Nature Camp, Jamuani Nature Camp, Kumari Nature Camp. Ramatirtha Nature Camp is located close to Similipal Tiger Reserve at Jashipur. With different wild calls piercing through the silence of the forest, Gurguria, Jamuani, Kumari & Ramtirtha Nature Camps, criss crossing the dense forests in the heart of the Park offers a lifetime experience to its visitors. The unique traditions & culture of the primitive forest dwelling tribes of Similipal is another attraction for the people visiting the landscape. As one moves from one nature camp to the other the change in the type of vegetation and landscape is distinct. From birding to trekking or camping in the comfortable accommodations in the midst of forests beneath the starry sky, Similipal offers varied experience to all its visitors. During Monsoon and Winters visitors can see swirls of mist below over the hills, in lower reaches rivers and waterfalls swaying rhythmically in the forested valleys, gives hair raising experience to the travellers. Summers are cooler in Similipal and the forest canopy displays different colours of vegetation and flowers during this period.

All the 4 Nature Camps are approachable via Jashipur on NH-6 (NH-6 connects Kolkata to Mumbai). Jashipur is 117 Kms from Baripada and 290Kms from Kolkatta. Ramatirtha Nature Camp at Jashipur which is on the bank of river khairi has 10 number of luxury accommodations (4 rooms in Debasthali Cottage, 3 Tribal Cottages, AC dormitory 1no & Non-AC dormitory 2 nos). Ramatirtha has a Crocodile Rearing Centre. The place also has mythological importance in History of Odisha. Gurguria, Kumari & Jamuani Nature Camps are 24 Kms from Jashipur. There are 14 nos of eco-cottages in Jamuani (Santhali Cottage- 9 rooms, 4 nos of tents, Bamboo Cottage- 1no).

14 nos of comfortable cottages are in Kumari Nature Camp (8 nos of Santhali Cottages, 4 nos of Bamboo Cottages & 2 nos of Bamboo Manchan). Within the vast stretches of Jungle and Pine forest, there are 7 nos of cottages in Gurguria Nature Camp (4 nos of rooms in Pine Villa, 2 cottages and 1 Bamboo Hut).There is an Orchidarium in Gurguria with 63 indiginous Orchids which looks beautiful in Summer when those flower. There is also Elephant Ride facility here. All the Four Nature Camps in Similipal have catering facilities and food is prepared and served to the eco-tourists staying in the nature camps by the community members. Similipal Nature Camps are famous for its local cuisine prepared by the natives.


Gurguria Nature Camp
Gurguria Nature Camp
Gurguria Nature Camp
Gurguria Nature Camp
Gurguria Nature Camp


jamuani nature camp
jamuani nature camp
jamuani nature camp
jamuani nature camp
jamuani nature camp
jamuani nature camp
jamuani nature camp
jamuani nature camp
jamuani nature camp
jamuani nature camp


kumari nature camp
kumari nature camp
kumari nature camp
kumari nature camp
kumari nature camp
kumari nature camp
kumari nature camp
kumari nature camp


Ramtirtha nature camp
Ramtirtha nature camp
Ramtirtha nature camp
Ramtirtha nature camp
Ramtirtha nature camp


Barehipani Eco-tourism Complex is located at Barehipani (Muktapur). It is a picturesque site surrounded by lush green Sal trees.

barehipani nature camp

How To Reach

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The nearest airports are Bhubaneswar (270 km) and Kolkata (240 km).

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The nearest railway station is Balasore (60 km from Baripada). From here major trains run on the South-Eastern sector.

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The bus services run by the OSRTC and other nearby state owned buses connect Similipal to the major towns in the state and around the state. Buses are frequently operated from Jamshedpur, Kolkata and Bhubaneswar.

Nearby Destinations


Devkund is located on the bank of River East Deo, while meandering on the hills, place of worship by the Hindus. The temple of Goddess Ambika was built up by the Royal Dynasty of Mayurbhanj in ancient period. The cascade touching the base of the temple falls on a gorge where the River rests awhile and further follows its course. It is the most lovable picnic spot.


Similipal Hot Spot: Similipal is a densely forested hill- range in the heart of Mayurbhanj District in Odisha. Located in the Mahanadian Bio- geographical region and within the biotic province of Chhotanagpure Plateau, it spreads over an area of 2,750 kms

Gurguria: On the bank of River Khairi with planned landscaping and surrounded by wooded hillocks, Gurguria gives the feeling of a hill station. The orchidarium with indigenous orchids in pots is very attractive during summer when it flowers. The main attraction is elephant ride and hill trekking. Accommodation with catering facility and conference hall are available.

Chahala: The site was chosen by his Majesty the Maharaja of Mayurbhanj state in olden days where a forest resort was constructed, now converted to a Forest Rest House. Amidst the Sal forest, resounded by the voice of birds, like hill myna, frequented by herbivores like Elephants, Deer in the meadow.

Chahala waterfall

Barehipani: Barehipani waterfall resembles the shape of a rope locally known as Barehi. The rolling waterfall with a height of 217 mtrs presents a majestic view with reverberating sound in the gorge from where the River Budhabalanga runs to the plain land.

Barehipani waterfall

Joranda: The waterfall from a height of 181 mtrs touches the ground on the gorge perpendicularly and nature unfolds its beauty through vast stage of green lush vegetation.

Nawana: A green valley with crop lands, Nawana thrills the heart during the winter. The lifestyle of the tribals residing in the valley is also a point of attraction.

joranda waterfall

Kumari: Kumari is a village inside Similipal situated at 2 Kms distance from Gurguria within a back drop of hill ranges of Similipal with green paddy fields . Night stay cottage accommodations made of bamboo are available.

Other Places of Interest

Ramatirtha Situated on the confluence of Khairi and Bhandan Rivers emerging from Similipal. It is a place of picnic with an Astral garden and Gharial Research Centre. Accommodations for the tourists in cottages with catering facilities are available throughout the year.

Nawana: A green valley with crop lands

Sitakund A place of religious importance of Hindus, is a site of attraction for picnickers due to the picturesque beauty of a small waterfall and a gorge filled with water.

Lulung Lulung is situated at the entrance of the park on the bank of a tributary to River Palpala with perennial water flow. The crystal clear water with pebbles of different sizes on the River bed and dense forest on both sides of the River wins the heart of the people to assemble for picnic.

Khiching A place of pilgrimage for the Hindus, famous for granite carving temple of Goddess Kichkeswari built by the Maharaja of Mayurbhanj. Granite carvings are available in temple premises for sale.

Bhimkund River Baitarani pierces through a hill rock. A picnic spot and place of congregation during Makar Sankranti. Famous for scenic beauty.

WATCH TOWERS Tourists are discouraged to walk inside the forest in view of danger to life from wild animals. For their convenience, watch towers have been constructed at safer places to enable viewers to have a closer look at animals in salt lick without disturbing them. Presently, three watch towers at Chahala, Berehipani and Joranda have been erected for tourist

SEASON OF VISIT TO SIMILIPAL The sanctuary remains open to visitors tentatively from 1st November to 15th June. Ideal season of visit is from November to March.

Entry Fee Rs. 100.00 /- Per Day, Per Person Will Be Charged Extra.

Location Accomodation Details Price Per Night Per Room () Transaction Charge () Tax () Total Price Per Night Per Room ()
Jamuani Tent 3500.00 350.00 483.00 4,333.00
Jamuani Santal Cottages 4000.00 400.00 552.00 4,952.00
Jamuani Bamboo Hut 4000.00 400.00 552.00 4,952.00
Ramtirtha Dormitory 7000.00 700.00 966.00 8,666.00
Ramtirtha Dormitory 5000.00 500.00 690.00 6,190.00
Ramtirtha Tribal Hut 3000.00 300.00 414.00 3,714.00
Ramtirtha Debasthali Cottage 3000.00 300.00 414.00 3,714.00
Gurguria Pine Villa A 3500.00 350.00 483.00 4,333.00
Gurguria Cottage 3500.00 350.00 483.00 4,333.00
Gurguria Pine Villa B 3500.00 350.00 483.00 4,333.00
Kumari Bamboo Cottage 3000.00 300.00 414.00 3,714.00
Kumari Kumarimanchan 3500.00 350.00 483.00 4,333.00
Kumari Santal Cottages 4000.00 400.00 552.00 4,952.00
Barehipani Cottage 4500.00 450.00 621.00 5,571.00

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  2. 2Except for dormitory suit at Ramtirtha, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are complimentary and limited to number of person named in the ticket.visitors booking the dormitory at Ramtirtha are required to pay Rs.500.00 per person towards fooding at the destination. Children from 3 years to 12 years accompanying the parents and Driver of the vehicle will be charged extra at the destination as per tariff of the destination to be paid at the destination.

Cancellation Notes

  1. 1 In case Tickets are cancelled by the ecotour cell due to any unforeseen event not suitable for staying of the visitor, full amount will be refunded to the visitor.
  2. 2Cancellation of booking done online can only be done through the portal and by the visitors only. Cancellation cannot be done by the Ecotourism Cell or by the destinations on request Email and/or telephonic request. It is the responsibility of the visitor intending to cancel the ticket to ensure that the booking is cancelled and confirmation email is sent to the registered Email ID.
  3. 3 Tickets Booked by Agents can only be cancelled through the concerned Booking Agents only. Booking done at Cash Counter can only be cancelled at the concerned cash counter at which Booking is made.
  4. 4The above Charges will be applicable On the Total Booking Amount Excluding the Transaction Charge and applicable taxes thereon. Transaction Charge and taxes thereon is Non-refundable.
  5. 5In Case of Cancellation, the amount due to be refunded will be refunded to the visitor account within a period of 7 to 15 Days from the Date of Cancellation.
  6. 6Tickets Booked at Cash Counters need to be cancelled at the concerned Cash Counters.
Cancel Before Charges To Be Deducted (In %)
0-3 Days of Check-in Date 100
4-10 Days of Check-in Date 50
11-15 Days of Check-in Date 25
16- To More Days of Check-in Date 0