Belghar Nature Camp

Beauty of Mother Nature- Belghar (Kandhamal) Welcomes You !!!

Belghar Nature Camp is situated at an altitude of 2555 feet above the sea in Kandhamal District. Belghar-Daringbadi is the land of “Hills and Waterfalls”. Belghar is 158 Kms away from district headquarter i.e. Phulbani. It is mainly inhabited by a particular tribe known as “Kutia Kandha”. The tribals believe in age old traditions of hut dwelling and food gathering. Though they are living in forests for years together yet they are hospitable and friendly. Belghar is surrounded by towering hillocks around. The thick forest is home to a number of rare endangered species of animals and plants.

The pride of the forest of Belghar is the long tusked Elephants that abound plenty in the region. Many other smaller mammal fauna like deer, wild boar, bear etc and varieties of birds viz: Hill Myna, Parrot, Peacocks and Flying Giant Squirrels are found which attracts the visitors. The natural vegetation of the forests are wooded trees which rises to a great height.Winter is enjoyable here which can be experience from November to end of March. Heavy mist and dew are also prevalent during the winter season. Average rainfall is 1382 mm. The perennial rivers and streams like “Pipili” and “Penaju Nala” are the water source of Belghar. Amongst the hillocks one large grass land on the top of hill at “DIMILI” is a must worth view point for the visitors.

belghar nature camp
belghar forest
belghar forest
belghar nature
belghar nature

Where to Stay

  1. 1Five numbers of swiss cotage tents have been fixed at Belghar Nature Camp available for the visitors for night stay. Room services and caterings are provided by the VSS group.
Belghar Nature Camp
Belghar Nature Camp
Belghar Nature Camp
Belghar Nature Camp

How To Reach

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Bhubaneswar Airport is the nearest, which is 211kms away. Many cabs are available for hire from here.

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Nearest railhead is Berhampur, which is 165 km away. One can easily get a private vehicle from the station.

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It is 211 km from Bhubaneswar, 165 km from Berhampur and 172 km from Cuttack. After reaching either of these places, one can hire a private vehicle to reach Belghar. Apart from this, government-run busses are also available for which you have to enquire at the depot.


Near Tumudibandha one Siva Temple is available inside the river bed.


Kotagarh Wild Life Sanctuary forms a part of rich flora and fauna diversity with green lustrous forest and good network of perennial streams.


This place is at a distance of 60 Kms away from Belghar in side dence forest of Kotagarh Wild Life Sanctuary.


Entry Fee Rs. 0.00 /- Per Day, Per Person Will Be Charged Extra.

Location Accomodation Details Price Per Night Per Room () Transaction Charge () Tax () Total Price Per Night Per Room ()
Belghar Tent 3500.00 350.00 483.00 4,333.00

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Useful Information

  1. 1Visitor has to take print copy of accommodation booking and entry ticket along with identity proof.
  2. 2Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are complimentary and limited to number of person named in the ticket. Children from 3 years to 12 years accompanying the parents and Driver of the vehicle will be charged extra at the destination as per tariff of the destination to be paid at the destination.

Cancellation Notes

  1. 1 In case Tickets are cancelled by the ecotour cell due to any unforeseen event not suitable for staying of the visitor, full amount will be refunded to the visitor.
  2. 2Cancellation of booking done online can only be done through the portal and by the visitors only. Cancellation cannot be done by the Ecotourism Cell or by the destinations on request Email and/or telephonic request. It is the responsibility of the visitor intending to cancel the ticket to ensure that the booking is cancelled and confirmation email is sent to the registered Email ID.
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  6. 6Tickets Booked at Cash Counters need to be cancelled at the concerned Cash Counters.
Cancel Before Charges To Be Deducted (In %)
0-3 Days of Check-in Date 100
4-10 Days of Check-in Date 50
11-15 Days of Check-in Date 25
16- To More Days of Check-in Date 0