Debrigarh Nature Camp

Debrigarh Nature Camp Welcomes You !!!

Debrigarh Nature Camp

Debrigarh Nature Camp nestled on the bank of Hirakud Dam and Reservoir (743 Sq.Km) is inside the famous Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary. Debrigarh Sanctuary is popular for having healthy population of wild animals and easy sighting of wildlife by the visitors. Debrigarh Nature Camp is 40 Km away from Sambalpur Town approachable from Hirakud and Burla township through right dyke of Dam.

Debrigarh Sanctuary spreading over 347 Sq Kms is an excellent habitat for Leopard, Bison, Sambar, Elephants, Wild Boar, Chital, Chousingha, Wild Dog, Porcupine, Nilgai etc and being flanked by the Hirakud Reservoir (right dyke of Hirakud Dam) attracts thousands of birds to the landscape. Eco-tourists can see variety of wild animals while trekking by foot or by vehicle on the forest road from Dhodrokusum to Chourasimal (20 Kms) all along the reservoir and large groups of Bisons are commonly seen here. The sanctuary is home to more than 40 species of mammals, 234 species of birds, 41 species of reptiles, 12 species of amphibians, 42 species of fishes, 39 species of odonates, 85 species of butterflies and is important Internationally because of significant population of Leopard, Bison and Chousingha. The sanctuary is also famous for its beautiful landscape and magnificent waterfalls.

Debrigarh Nature Camp has 14 nos of luxury rooms with all modern facilities. All the rooms are well furnished and are with classy furnishings to make night stay comfortable. The beautiful view of the Hirakud Reservoir from the room adds to the indulgence making the Nature Camp an ideal holiday gateway. Hirakud reservoir/Lake is the largest manmade reservoir of India spreading over 743 Sq.Km. All the accommodations in the Nature Camp are Lake facing. At night often wild animals visit the backyard of the Camp foraging all through.

Debrigarh Nature Camp luxury rooms
Debrigarh Nature Camp luxury rooms
bank of Hirakud Dam
Debrigarh Nature Camp
wild Bison

Where to Stay

Throughout the year visitors can stay in Debrigarh Nature Camp inside the wilderness of the sanctuary. Without disturbing the nature while moving inside the sanctuary the eco tourists can see Bisons, Sambars, Chitals, Peacocks, Wild boars and other animals and birds moving from one transact of the forest to the other. Visitors will be thrilled to see the vast stretches of Sal forests on the bank of Hirakud reservoir dotted with meadows and forested islands. Debrigarh Nature Camp is managed by the local community and variety of food is prepared and served by them to the visitors in nature camp. The restaurant/ dinning is just on the edge of Hirakud Reservoir where eco tourists can have full view as well as night view of the reservoir. Food is included in the tariff for the eco-tourists.

Debrigarh Nature Camp luxury rooms
Debrigarh Nature Camp luxury rooms
Debrigarh Nature Camp luxury rooms
Debrigarh Nature Camp luxury rooms
Debrigarh Nature Camp luxury rooms
Debrigarh Nature Camp luxury rooms

Room Inner view facing Hirakud Reservoir

Debrigarh Nature Camp luxury rooms
Highway- Hirakud Reservoir

How To Reach

Flight Icon

The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar (Biju Patnaik International Airport), 279km away and takes a car 6 hours and 30 minutes to reach the place.

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The nearest rail-station is Sambalpur. From there it is nearly 40 km away which takes 1 hour to reach by car.

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From Bhubaneswar, the property is approximately 289 km away and it takes around 6 hours 29 minutes to reach by car where as Kolkata is approximately 565 km away and it takes around 11 hours to reach by car.

Nearby Destinations

bank of Hirakud Dam

Zero Point :

Close to the Debrigarh Nature Camp towards Jawahar Minar at the end of Right Dyke is Zero Point. Visitors move along the twisted road to reach zero point You can see the vast Hirakud Reservoir on one side the Hirakud Dam and Debrigarh Sanctuary on the other side of the horizon from the Dyke itself. Driving on the Dyke is a memorable experience.

Hirakud Dam:

Built across river Mahanadi,Hirakud Dam is the longest earthen dam in the world. It is 25 Kms long including 20 Kms of Dyke and stands across the river Mahanadi spanning between two hills.

Hirakud Reservoir:

Spreading over 743 Sq Kms Hirakud Reservoir is the biggest artificial lake in India. From Gandhi Minar & Neheru Minar the reservoir can be extensively viewed. Visitors can also visit the Power House, Nehru Park of Hirakud Dam and famous Samaleswari Temple at Sambalpur, Ghanteswari Temple and Chiplima Hudroelectric Project at Chiplima ,Leaning Temple at Dhama on River Mahanadi which are located nearby.

bank of Hirakud Dam

Leaning Temple of Huma (Sambalpur) :

The Leaning Temple of Huma in India is one of only two leaning temples in the world. It is located in Huma, a village situated on the bank of the Mahanadi, 23 km south of Sambalpur in Odisha. While the edifice leans, the pinnacle of the temple is perpendicular to the ground. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.

Huma temple- Nearby Destinations of Debrigarh Nature Camp
Nehru Park- Nearby Destinations of Debrigarh Nature Camp
Samaleswari Temple at Sambalpur- Nearby Destinations of Debrigarh Nature Camp
Gandhi Minar- Nearby Destinations of Debrigarh Nature Camp

Entry Fee Rs. 40.00 /- Per Day, Per Person Will Be Charged Extra.

Location Accomodation Details Price Per Night Per Room () Transaction Charge () Tax () Total Price Per Night Per Room ()
Debrigarh Bhumi 6000.00 600.00 828.00 7,428.00
Debrigarh Akash 4500.00 450.00 621.00 5,571.00
Debrigarh AGNI 4500.00 450.00 621.00 5,571.00
Debrigarh Bayu 4500.00 450.00 621.00 5,571.00
Debrigarh Jal 4500.00 450.00 621.00 5,571.00
Debrigarh Pruthivi 4500.00 450.00 621.00 5,571.00
Debrigarh Bison Block 5000.00 500.00 690.00 6,190.00

Book Accommodation

Useful Information

  1. 1 Visitor has to take print copy of accommodation booking and entry ticket along with identity proof. Charges included complementary Fooding and Boating.
  2. 2 Lunch,Dinner and Breakfast are complimentary and limited to number of person named in the ticket. Children from 3 years to 12 years accompanying the parents will be charged @Rs500/- per child towards fooding charges. Drivers will be charged @Rs750/- only per day.
  3. 3 All person/Children above 12 years will be charged as extra person limited to one person/Child per Cottage. Extra bed will be provided for extra person on charge basis at the destination.

Cancellation Notes

  1. 1 In case Tickets are cancelled by the ecotour cell due to any unforeseen event not suitable for staying of the visitor, full amount will be refunded to the visitor.
  2. 2Cancellation of booking done online can only be done through the portal and by the visitors only. Cancellation cannot be done by the Ecotourism Cell or by the destinations on request Email and/or telephonic request. It is the responsibility of the visitor intending to cancel the ticket to ensure that the booking is cancelled and confirmation email is sent to the registered Email ID.
  3. 3 Tickets Booked by Agents can only be cancelled through the concerned Booking Agents only. Booking done at Cash Counter can only be cancelled at the concerned cash counter at which Booking is made.
  4. 4The above Charges will be applicable On the Total Booking Amount Excluding the Transaction Charge and applicable taxes thereon. Transaction Charge and taxes thereon is Non-refundable.
  5. 5In Case of Cancellation, the amount due to be refunded will be refunded to the visitor account within a period of 7 to 15 Days from the Date of Cancellation.
  6. 6Tickets Booked at Cash Counters need to be cancelled at the concerned Cash Counters.
Cancel Before Charges To Be Deducted (In %)
0-3 Days of Check-in Date 100
4-10 Days of Check-in Date 50
11-15 Days of Check-in Date 25
16- To More Days of Check-in Date 0