Heritage Tour

Unique and dynamic faces; country of staggering differences; land amalgamating tradition and modernity - Description can be many, but each one will point to the magnificent homeland. It has nearly 5000 years old history to share with its travelers, historians, archeologists. Besides, the country is a birthplace of several spiritual leaders, founders, and rulers who in their way contributed to making Odisha - a rich land where many religions, cultures, crafts, mysticism, art, philosophy, tradition, music, and architecture flourished. Odisha is generously blessed, making the history buffs to contemplate over the gems from the ancient times that are scattered almost everywhere in Odisha. OD Travels offers a comprehensive type of heritage travel packages that let a tourist learn about majestic traces of former empires. We provide an opportunity of scouting the heritage destinations of Odisha letting travelers have insights into Odisha's culture and more.