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Centrally located on the Geo-Political map of Odisha, Dhenkanal District is surrounded by beautiful wild lives and forests.The District is situated on the Cuttack-Sambalpur road (NH 55) and on the Cuttack-Sambalpur or Baranga-Sambalpur railway line. The Dhenkanal District touches the boundary of Kendujhar district on its north, Cuttack district on south and bounded by Jajpur District on the east and Angul District on its west. It is commonly believed that the Dhenkanal District owes its name to a Savara chief named ‘DHENKA’ who formerly ruled over in this tract. Dhenkanal District covers an area of 4950 Sq Km. It has a vast area covered with dense forests and a long range of hills.This is the reason of calling the District as ‘Home of Elephants and tigers of the country’.

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City is not well connected by flight.

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One can reach Dhenkanal by train or bus.

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One can reach Dhenkanal by bus or train.


Dhenkanal District has a moderate climate.The District experiences hot with high humidity during April and May and cold during the winter months, i.e. December and January. The monsoon generally breaks during the month of June with the average annual rainfall being 1421.1 mm. As per the agriculture is concerned, the District produces a substantial agricultural yield and paddy, ground nut, cashew nut, potato, mango, jackfruit, sugarcane and some vegetables as its primary agricultural products.

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