Handicrafts of Odisha

Handicrafts of Odisha
Handicrafts of Odisha

Having an ancient tradition of making splendid pieces of art by hands Oriya artists have long been presenting their awe-inspiring masterpieces to the world. There are a lot of handicrafts that have been running as the life force in the cultural land of Odisha (Orissa). Some of which include- Patta Chitra, Sand Art, Metal Work, Silver Filigree, Stone Carving and making Puppets and Masks, etc.

Patta chitras are miniature paintings, used as wall hangings with religious themes as their subject matter. Legends from the lives of Lord Krishna are mainly depicted on this specially treated cloth known as Patta.

Developed over the years, this art form has helped a distinct school of painting to evolve. Having its origin in the Sanskrit language, the word Patta Chitra literally means a painted piece of cloth. This ritualistic art observes a fine blend of sophisticated art and folk element in the form of rich colors. The skilled hands of the talented artisans present blood red, red ochre, lamp black, yellow, white and indigo in a unique way as they pretend to be offsetting each other.

These pattas are carried back home by pilgrims to Puri as precious mementos. Practiced widely in Raghurajpur and Dandshahi villages at the outskirts of Puri, these pattas have become synonymous to the place.

Another famous handicraft of Odisha (Orissa) is also based at Puri. This implies carving a sand sculpture with just clean and fine-grained sand mixed with water. Attractive sculptures are carved out of this sand by the Oriya artists. Dating back to fourteenth-century A.D. the origin of this art is associated with Poet Balaram Das, the author of Dandi Ramayan. Very eye-catching and splendidly beautiful, this art form has gained immense popularity with the development of tourism.

The artists of Cuttack have also invariably contributed to enrich their tradition in the form of art known as Silver Filigree. Owing to its popularity to this art form only the silverware or Trakashi of Odisha (Orissa) is very widely known.

Thin wires drawn from beaten silver and foils are fashioned to make unique examples of artistic excellence. Forms of animals and birds, small showpieces, fine pieces of Jewellery and articles of daily use like vermilion receptacles are made by the filigree artists that are popular the world over.

Artists of Odisha (Orissa) create miraculous masterpieces of art practicing yet other crafts too that are now not popular in India but across the globe as well.

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