Sidhamula Nature Camp

River Mahanadi and landscape in Siddhamula Nature Camp Welcomes You !!!

Nature’s exquisite exposition with varied bounties in the surroundings of the Sidhamulla at the distance of 25 KMs, away from Khandapada in the district of Nayagarh in the state of Odisha belies the relative insignificance of the place. The crystal blue waters of Mahanadi, the sprawling sands the fishing boats dotting the extensive water surface, the divining birds, the splendid hills and hillocks bordering the flanks and the greenery around inspire a creative visitor to sing an ode of the nature. The gentle breeze blowing across the rippled water makes the climate pleasant and thus gladdens the visitors. The splendidness of these diverse items of nature drive compellingly for setting up camps of retreat so that the dissonance of this boundless beauty inherent in the surroundings of Sidhamulla can be held harmoniously by a zealous nature lover and enthusiastic holidayers. Hence an ecotourism site has been proposed at a relatively higher attitude which is flattened between Mahukana Mundia and Malati Mundia. The prevailing ambience at the site open the vista for further improvement as an all time tourist destination without interference with nature. The place has also the added advantage of proximity of several other ecosystems, which are well protected and preserved. The rich biodiversity of Hanumantia, Dengabahada, Barakhola, Mainsibndha & Manivadra Reserve Forests contribute to the identification of the place as a hub of ecotourism.


The eco-tourism site is at distance of 90 KMs from the state capital, Bhubaneswar and well connected by NH 224 upto Baghamari and then by wide black top road of Public Works Department.

Health care

The PHC, Kantilo and PHC, Gania both with additional facilities of mobile medical van and ambulance are at a distance of 10 KMs from the site.


The Kontilo Police outpost in only 10 KMs away from the site.


One can enjoy delicious and hygienic food cooked with fresh vegetables, varieties of fishes etc. at site. The foods surely make to carve for more.

hill station sidhamula
sidhamula nature camp

Facilities/ Amenities available

Twin cottage to accommodate four persons, one hut, one dining hall, well connected road from Mahanadi bank to Eco tourism centre, water and electricity facilities.

Twin cottage- sidhamula nature camp
Twin cottage- sidhamula nature camp
Twin cottage- sidhamula nature camp
Twin cottage- sidhamula nature camp
Twin cottage- sidhamula nature camp

How To Reach

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Nearest Airport is Bhubaneswar Airport with a distance of 90 km.

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Nearest Railway Station is Nayagarh with a distance of 90 KM from Bhubaneswar.

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Buses ply to Nayagarh from other major quite frequently. One can book a cab/auto to reach the spot.

Nature Travel

Bath in River Mahanadi :The River Mahanadi is flowing in front of Sidhamula Eco tourism project. One can take opportunity to take bath in the River Mahanadi, which will be more pleasurable during scorching sun of summer.

Saranala: This wetland situated at a distance of 2 KMs away from the place is a happy hunting ground of the migratory bird who flock around in winter. It can be developed further to be a destination for Ornithologists.

Gumpha Mundia: A top this hills there are huge caves which have archaeological importance. It is said that the standing water in the cleavage of two big rocks does not dry up even in hot summer. This is only 15 KMs away from the site.

Chadeikuda Mundia: This hillock situated at a distance of 15 KMs. Tears the river course and emerges into the sky from the mid of the river. The added beauty of this hillock is that it is inhabited by the Deer.

Champeswar: There is a tank in the precinct of the temple of the Lord Champanath wherein dwell tortoises of different site and age. The scene of the tortoises coming out gobble of the loafs of food items is very much enchanting.

Manibhadra Hills: This hill with its crown like summit gives out an enchanting look. It is inhabited by different species of reptiles some of which are very rare. The hill is also having many caves which are yet to be explored.

Satakosia Gorge: The famous Satakosia Gorge is only at a distance of 30 KMs which can be approached conveniently from this place.

Religious places of the vicinity

Kontilo : It is known as the citadel of Lord Nilamadhaba is only 10 KMs away. The popular belief supported with mythology says that Lord Jagannath at Puri is the incarnate of Lord Nilmadhaba. The lineage of Daitapaties at Puri is extended to the Sabar Dynasty of the tribal king Biswabasu who is known to have ones ruled over this region.

Lord Nilmadhaba temple - sidhamula nature camp

Bhattarika :It is only 29 KMs away on road from the site and 2 KMs on water route. The shrine of Goddess Bhattarika besides having religious fervor has the potentiality of being the destination of nature lovers because of its picturesque sitting. The scenic view of Mahanadi and long walls of the hills on other side of the river is really amazing.

Gokulananda : The temple of Lord Srikrishna popularly known as Sri Gokulananda is just 300 Mtrs. Away from the site.

The existing landmark and facilities at Sidhamulla that make it an ideal place for ecotourism.

Entry Fee Rs. 0.00 /- Per Day, Per Person Will Be Charged Extra.

Location Accomodation Details Price Per Night Per Room () Transaction Charge () Tax () Total Price Per Night Per Room ()
Sidhamula Twin Cottage 2000.00 200.00 276.00 2,476.00
Sidhamula Mud Hut 2000.00 200.00 276.00 2,476.00

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  2. 2Tariff does not include cost of Fooding. Visitors are to pay for fooding charges extra at the site.

Cancellation Notes

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Cancel Before Charges To Be Deducted (In %)
0-3 Days of Check-in Date 100
4-10 Days of Check-in Date 50
11-15 Days of Check-in Date 25
16- To More Days of Check-in Date 0