13 Best Destinations to Visit in Northern Odisha Eco Tour

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Last Updated: 05th Mar, 2021
Best Destinations to Visit in Northern Odisha Eco Tour

Orissa is now known as Odisha, a magnificent ancient land boasting a rich history. The historic monuments reflecting the beautifully carved architecture complement the picturesque beauty of nature to attract tourists from all over the world. Here are a few best places you should consider visiting on Northern Odisha eco tour:

Sana Ghagara Nature Camp

Located adjacent to Sana Ghagara Waterfall in Keonjhar, the Sana Ghagara Nature Camp offers you experience the unique and picturesque landscape owing to the undulated terrain and the uniform sal growth. This eco-tourism complex is 100 meter away from the Sana Ghagara waterfall. This beautiful complex circumscribed by undulated terrain is the center of attraction.

Saptasajya Nature Camp

Saptasajya Nature Camp is one of the best sightseeing destinations throughout Dhenkanal. The name “Saptasajya” refers to the conglomeration of seven hills with rich vegetation and perennial streams creating habitat for a comprehensive range of animals and birds. Vacationers taking eco tours in Northern Odisha visit this nature camp to enjoy recreation and cool breeze, green lustrous forest, running stream, wild animals and birds. 

Sarafgarh Nature Camp

Sarafgarh Nature Camp is located on the bank of Sarafgarh Dam and Reservoir, spreading over seven acres. This nature camp is well-known for its peaceful environment and serene natural beauty. The camp is 40 kilometers away from Sundergarh. All of the nature camp accommodations are overlooking the reservoir, offering a spectacular backdrop of nature. 

Satkosia Sands Resort (Badmul)

Satkosia spreads along the mighty river Mahanadi in Odisha. Satakosia Sands Resort is a magnificent paradise blessed with enormous scenic charm. This sands resort is one of the best ecosystems in Odisha, representing a diverse range of floral and faunal extravaganza. 

The name “Satkosia” originates from two words – “Sat” means seven and “Kos” means two miles. This indicates the length of the gorge i.e. 14 miles or 22km. While staying at the Satkosia Sands Resort, take this opportunity to enjoy sighting of wild animal and bird species on the bank of Mahanadi River. You will enjoy cruising along the deep blue water of Mahanadi River. 

Ansupa Nature Camp

Ansupa Nature Camp is located up close to the Ansupa Lake. This is one of the oldest freshwater wetland in Odisha located in the Athagarh Forest division. This lake is directly connected with the Mahanadi River through a channel known as Kabula Nala. 
Ansupa Lake is well-known for its diverse character with varied aquatic fauna and flora and is a famous natural heritage site in Odisha. This is a home to a great array of fishes, aquatic plants – submerged, floating and emergent, migratory birds, etc.

Berbera Nature Camp

The Berbera Nature Camp is located in the Banpur Tehsil of Khurda district and the Balugaon range of the Khurda forest division. Berbera Forest is one of the oldest forests in Odisha. This forest is home to the good teak plantations – some plantation areas belong to the pre-independent era. 

Bichitrapur Nature Camp

Bichitrapur Nature Camp is situated near the Bichitrapur Mangrove, a spectacular gift of nature located up-close to the mouth of Subarnarekha River. This is located on the east coast of India, spreading over 563.00 ha along the coast of Bay of Bengal. The Bichitrapur Nature Camp is famous for its spectacular marine ecosystem with an exceptional assemblage of floral and faunal resources. 

Rissia Nature Camp (Kuldiha)

Rissia Nature Camp is located in Kuldiha, a unique part of the mega habitat situated in the trijunction of Balasore, Mayurbhanj, and Keonjhar. This nature camp offers you a chance to enjoy a compact mass of hills, valleys and streams as well as a bounty of the natural beauty of biological entities. The Kuldiha sanctuary covers three important reserved forests like Kuldiha, Tenda, and Devgiri. 

Chandka Nature Camps

Chandka Nature Camps are located near the Chandaka-Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary that spreads over an area of 193.39 Sq. Km. This beautiful sanctuary has a colorful combination of semi-evergreen forest, bamboo brakes, and lush green mixed forests. 

It stands out as the home to wide arrays of wild animal and bird species. Chandka is well-known for wild elephants that take the pride of being the flagship species of the forested area. 

Khandadhar Nature Camp

The Khandadhar Nature Camp is located at the most famous Khandadhar Waterfalls. It’s situated amidst the lush green surroundings of the Khandadhar hills. This awe-inspiringly beautiful waterfall originates from the upper part and falls down from the height of around 244 meters. 

The diverse range of flora and fauna species stand out the main attraction for eco-tourists, students, visitors, and researchers to this destination all around the year. This eco-tourism site serves as the favorable destination for wildlife photographers and writers. 

Mahavinayak Nature Camp

Mahavinayak Nature Camp is also known as “Parbat Sova'' located up close to the Lord Shiva Temple – 5 kilometers away from the Chandikhol Chhak. There’s a tracking path of over 5 kilometers created to the other side of hillock. 

This nature camp serves as a perfect picnic spot for religious people and trekking enthusiasts because of its densely wooded hills and sylvan spring flowing periodically through its green glades. Many festivals like Mahasivaratri, Makar Sankranti, and Raja are celebrated in this area. 

Olasuni Nature Camp

Based on the Olasuni Hill, the Olasuni Nature Camp is located up close to the Saint Arakhita Das Ashram. This nature camp is situated within 22 kilometers from the Chandikhol Chhak towards the south. The eco-tourism complex has three well-furnished cottages with attached toilet facilities. The complex is built on the landscaping of the slope of the hill. 

Similipal Nature Camp

Similipal Nature Camp is located near the Similipal Tiger Reserve. This reserve is situated in the northern area of Odisha boasting majestic waterfalls like Joranda, Barehipani and Uski, Sitakund-Depkund-Bhimkund waterfalls. 

Apart from the waterfalls, you’ll find the rocky cliffs and green valley dotted in sylvan sal forests. Similipal is well-known for elephants and tigers. It’s the only tiger reserve in India that boasts the Melanistic tiger species.

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