Mangalajodi is a paradise for bird watchers. More than 200 varieties of migratory birds fill the air of Mangalajodi with life with the onset of winters. Tucked away in the North-eastern edge of Odisha’s Chilika Lake Mangalajodi is a place for Bird lovers. These birds come here in large numbers and settle amongst thousands of water lilies in the wetlands giving an amazing view.

The village is a landscape of Bamboo and Mango trees which creates a natural ambiance. The beautiful blue lagoon and thousands of birds flying over the bright sunlight, the black and silver clouds appearing alternatively and suddenly a few hundred feet away from one’s boat ride mesmerize travelers of the thought to visit this part of the world. Mangalajodi has placed itself on the world tourism map for its unique conservation method and second-highest assembly of migratory birds in this area of Chilika Lake. It is a pristine paradise of Nature’s beauty and the view of these beautiful migratory birds one finds here is truly mesmerizing.