Exploring the most religious and paramount Buddhist sculptures, especially around the hills of Odisha are gives you a true experience of peace of mind and soul that every Buddhism follower wants to visit. Yes, the famous place in Ratnagiri of Jajpur, one of the famous destinations in Buddhist Tour in Odisha. However, the history of Ratnagiri is also related to the Gupta Dynasty. Talking more about Ratnagiri, it has been a historical and religious significance that make it an ideal destination to explore. The small yet religious town in Jajpur district is known for a huge monastery that relates to Mahayana Sect along with famous kings like Ashoka and others from the Gupta Dynasty. Apart from its strong historical background, Ratnagiri is also known for the flow of main rivers of Odisha known as Mahanadi, Brahmani, Kimiria, and Birupa.

Along with enjoying the beauty of these major rivers of Odisha you can find a wide range of different tourist attractions in and around Ratnagiri that keeps in account the places like Dhaulagiri, Lalitgiri, Udayagiri and many more. But mostly the highlight of all attractions is the Buddhist Circuit like monasteries, stupas, and chaityas. In addition, Ratnagiri tourism is also known for Buddhism of Tantric cult that is popularly known as Vajrayana. According to Tibetan Buddhist texts, the Kalchakrayana also flourished suggestively in this religious place.