Situated in the Ganjam district of Odisha, The hot spring at Taptapani is often described by the purists as a Warm Spring, as the temperature of the water here is between 30 degrees & 40 degrees Celsius. The water oozes out of the Earth in a small pond like area at the center of which is a small stone bearing the idol of goddess Kandhuni Mata or Kandi mata. The pond (Kund) is open without any canopy, but just in front of it is a pavilion which serves as the ante-chamber of the temple dedicated to Kandhuni Mata.

Being surrounded by a cluster of hills and thick forests, the serenity of nature at Taptapani is added by wonderful sights of sunrise, sunset moonlit night, tribal dance and music, chirps of birds and sight of wild animals.

The place as such attracts large numbers of tourists of all categories. Poets, writers, scholars, picnickers, holiday makers, and newlyweds can best exploit the place through all seasons.

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